Where is the media?

April 26, 2010 by United_Ignited  
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Media blind - censorship concept



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  1. Chris on Fri, 7th May 2010 5:17 am 

    We are screwed, and what’s worse is we know it. What’s worse than that is we don’t have a prayer of getting out of the mess we’re in. Inevitably we will face disaster, it is going to happen, so what are you going to do about it.
    When you tuck in your child tonight or you visit your grandchildren tomorrow are you going to tell them that?
    What would they expect you to do about it?
    People, we did not wake up yesterday to find out most politicians are corrupt. They have been for decades, its nothing new. How can we expect Washington to change over night, it wont.
    You can vote out President Obama, the entire Senate and Congress tomorrow, but you will only be facing the same corruption under a different name.
    The lesser of two evils right?
    Is that what you taught your children?
    Wake Up! Stand Up!
    Lets not replace corrupt with corrupt!
    stupid with stupid!
    On a grassroots level you can change everything, shake out Washington and start something new.
    Are you going to watch the news on the couch every night with your fist clinched over the ignorance of both sides?
    Start here.
    One comment, It might change everything.
    Be bold!
    Start the dialog, be a part of the dialog that could change our fortunes
    Who knows, i might be voting for you soon.

  2. Red Dog on Sun, 12th Dec 2010 7:23 am 

    I’m on board for the idea of reforming government and ousting career politicians. The momentum since Obama took office is growing and more are aware of government corruption. What is needed is the ability to bring it all together —outside of the republican party. The Tea Party is doing a fair job, but it doesn’t seem to have a strong center or core. It needs a face. The face of a new politician who’s interest is in restoring our country, through faith, responsiblity, and action, but without owing to special interest groups.

    That said, I also believe change begins in your backyard. We must think nationally, but act locally. Get active in your community, if not physically, then financially. Find a leader in your community that you can get behind and do whatever you can to support them.

    Red Dog

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