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Restoring Honor -Roundtrip from Texas to Washington D.C. 2881.5 miles starting Aug 24, 2010 @6:00pm to Aug 31, 2010 @7:12pm for the filming of the documentary “Unyielding Conditoning

DNC, GOP = AFC, NFC(NFL) or Bloods, Crips

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How would you categorize the quality of elected officials and political parties that we have today? Would you say that they are like the NFL, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference(NFC)? Or would you say they are like the Bloods and Crips? The reason I am using this analogy is because of the colors. (GOP,AFC&Bloods are Red, DNC, NFC&Crips are Blue)

In the NFL during the regular season the teams compete against each other weekly (campaign mode) with the ultimate goal of going to the Super Bowl (election). Each week they go on the field and play their best game as a Team and for their fans. The NFL Football players are the best players that America has to offer, shouldn’t we expect the same from our politicians? Or are they one of the same? Like in the NFL there are separate conferences but ultimately they are members of the NFL. In Washington DC today it doesn’t matter which party wins the election nothing changes. It’s like they are playing on the same team just offense and defense.

Or, are they Bloods (Red) and Crips (Blue) having no value for human life? They come into your neighborhood lawlessly and destroy it, recruiting the youth(indoctrination). Bloods and Crips battle each other for money, territory and control, but regardless of who wins they are both bad. I believe that is where we are in America today. We have “lawless” lawmakers passing laws that they are exempt from. We have tax crooks on the Ways and Means Committee? We have politicians that have trampled on our Constitution. We have politicians that think they know what is best for American families but are out of touch with American families. When a politicians campaign is compensated by Big Business (GE, Unions, HC and Pharmaceutical Companies) and then they want to pass a GOV HC Bill and Cap/Trade Bill that benefits those same companies it leads a person to believe that someone is being paid off.  Legally a vote is something that cannot be bought; it should be the same for policy.

If you are a concrete Democrat or Republican you are giving them the power. If they know that a certain % in a certain area always vote strictly one way, you are giving them the power. Just like The Employee Free Choice Act – the “Card Check” Bill elimates a private ballot which silences the individual voice giving away your power. The INDEPENDENT VOTER is very powerful it lets politicians know that your vote is not guaranteed it is earned. I think everyone should consider looking at their principles instead of guaranteeing your vote to either of the current parties. They have both let the American people down for some time now.

“WE THE PEOPLE” will no longer accept the lesser of two evils. We demand someone that will represent the voice of their constituents.  We demand honest answers to the tough question without the verbal walk-around.  If politicians dont start acting like Pro Bowl players(like they think they are in their own mind) the American people are going to start acting like Soccer fans at a Lithuanian soccer game and storm the field.

The illegal immigration debate ends where it begins, Illegal!

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Stand with Arizona

The debate is over, we are a nation of laws and they are here illegally. Enforce the law; you are endangering the lives of good people (both citizens and non-citizens). American citizens are murdered by criminals crossing our borders; non violent immigrants come here through dangerous and rugged terrain because they know the American government does not enforce its immigration laws. Who’s to blame for our current crisis? Politicians and Corporations, but ultimately our politicians for not enforcing federal laws because they are in bed with corporations. Why are Americans upset about illegal immigration? Violence, Drug/people trafficking. Let’s say that you live in a gated community (our borders) and you have a home owners association with dues (taxes). Your annual dues include access to all of the amenities (Education, Security, Health Care…). Let’s say there is a house that foreclosed down the street from you. You come home one day and notice the house has been broken into and turned into a crack house. You notify the HOA (government) but the do nothing. You now have criminals in your neighborhood not paying their membership but reaping the benefits. This is what Americans have a problem with. If they come in legally you know who they are and they pay their dues. Just like our “supposed” no fly list, you don’t let known terrorist fly into America. If immigrants come here through the gate you can deny the criminals entry. The argument from the left is that it is inhumane to separate families if you capture and deport illegal immigrants! I say there are consequences for your actions. If I rob a bank and get caught I will go to jail and be separated from my family. We are a nation of laws. Justice is blind!

Arizona Immigration Bill 1070
What do our politicians do? They don’t read the bills. They don’t enforce the laws! Besides being corrupt, I guess they just spend our money! I’m from Texas we love the Mexican people, culture and food and welcome them, legally.

Who is coming into the US from Mexico?

Where is the media?

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Media blind - censorship concept