Unite and Restore!

First of all I want to apologize to my fellow Americans and to my wife & children for being complacent for most of my adult life. I am now for the rest of my life a government watchdog. If you unite with me we can make sure the torch of liberty is passed on to future generations. Let’s end the political, ethnic & religious segregation and Unite as Americans. We are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, members of the Tea Party, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, White-Americans, Christians, Catholics, and Buddhist… but these are the ways they divide us. The politicians play us against each other trying to direct our anger and frustration at each other instead of their corruption that has bankrupted our nation. It’s time to hold them accountable for disregarding the constitution. They are supposed to serve for the greater good of the nation. Many of our politicians are corrupt and few share our values or abide by the same laws that we are under. Do you love George Washington’s America or what Barack Obama wants to fundamentally transform America into? This is happening right now before your eyes and unless you stand up and unite the America that we grew up knowing and loving you will no longer be recognizable. The Government takeover of many industries Student Loans, Automotive, Financial System, Health Care, Housing and then there is the redistribution of wealth. I grew up struggling financially like most Americans but I have earned everything that I have it was not handed to me. We now have a President who wants to give my hard earned money to someone else. I have always helped those in need, my neighbors, family and friends and have been helped by those same people. That’s how we do it in America we choose to help those in need and have never been “forced” to share what is ours until now. We are diverse so we will not agree on a lot of things; I just ask that you search for something to agree on. Let’s try GOD, Family or Country!! Unite and Restore because if we are divided they will fundamentally transform America.